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Hey apologies.
I have been going through some tough personal family issues, but that really doesn't have anything to do with my account deactivation.
I've been struggling with small things related to my craft and I was having a really bad night....I did something I now regret...I deactivated my account. It wasn't hacked. It was me. I regret my decision and am so Happy that DA actually gives you the option to reactivate even tho at the time it says the action cannot be undone. Whew! I have way too much history here and am so sorry I let my small slip of judgement almost throw that all away.
Everything is please don't be too concerned for me. Although, I might not be very active here. I just feel that I need to step back a bit...I have found that I really am putting too much pressure on myself and I need to relax a bit.
So, I will be here...lurking about. I'll post things when I can. I thank everyone for their continuing support. I truly appreciate it.
I'm feeling a bit silly now, but you know, we all have to deal with our issues in our own way. I didn't handle it properly. Lesson learned. All I can say is I won't do it again. I'm just really happy I could restore my account.
I hope the resource of inks will be useful and help further each colorists ability and potential career. Feel free to color as always. Just credit and post links.

As for my family issues, my Uncle was murdered in the Philippines last week. What a huge shock and it is an overwhelming event that I never expected. It's something that we will have to deal with one day at a time. It's part of the reason that I will be taking a bit of a break.

So, again, I apologise. Keep well everyone, and I will see you soon.

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Hey guys....just uploaded a short video on my YouTube channel in regards to my method I use for converting digital pencils to blue lines.
I have the links to the free Adobe CS2 Photoshop that I use as well with serial #'s
Hope you find it useful! :)
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Hey guys....we just had Thanksgiving Day here in Canada...and I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank-you to DA and my watchers and friends here. Thank You! :D
I've never really made a big deal about numbers and such, but I am truly honored by the amount of page views and followers I have acquired these past few years.

As of writing this journal, I am about to reach 4000 watchers. That is staggering for me! Thank you for the support!
When I first joined DA in the summer of 2008 I was a complete newbie to the inking craft. I'm a firm believer that if you really are passionate about something, anything, you will succeed. I poured myself into learning. It wasn't until 2010 that I really started taking the craft seriously. I have always said thanks to SeanE for kicking my ass and pushing me to ink more. It made me really push myself to get better...and the only way to do that is by daily practice! I honestly tried to ink a page each night. It took me many months and attempts to even finish a complete page....I'm not even sure when I got to the point that I was confidant enough to look at a page and say, "I can and will finish this"  without hesitation.
To date I probably have 500+ pages in boxes and binders. This practice and experience has brought me to where I am today...and believe me, I am still learning and have much more to learn!
I also want to extend a huge thanks to all the talented pencil artists that I have inked over. I never want to take credit for great looking art....the original pencil artists did that. I was, and am, always just trying to do their wonderful lines justice.
So for all the artists out there that are learning, whether it be pencils, inks , or colours...keep doing it! Do it because you love it....if not, you will fail. We all have weaknesses and limitations, but the only way to overcome them is to keep pushing ourselves. Experience is built that way. Don't give up. I have had many times I have wanted to throw in the towel, but I look back now and am grateful for where I have got to...and am excited to see what the next years will bring.
So with that, I will get back to pushing my pens around the paper!
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Hey guys! I apologize for the delay in getting the results posted....I was thinking there might be more art to throw into the pot as a prize. Unfortunately, the page couldn't be found.
Firstly, I want to thank DerekRodenbeck for letting me ink his lines and use them for the coloring contest.
A huge thanks for everyone that took the time to color and entering this year! I appreciate every skill level...and there were quite a few great entries.

I changed things up a bit this year, and wanted to have the prizes allotted by best color, rather than a random draw. So to do this, I asked SeanE to be the guest judge to help me choose the winners.

A big thanks to you, Sean, for your help! :)

So without further waiting, here are the results!

1st place:
Lady Mechanika By Derek and Devgear by Kristherion
Christian's colors are bold and rich. Very nice rendering of depth with the color.
I will be sending the original inked page.
Also, I will make a small limited print run of this to share with Christian and Derek.

2nd place:
Lady Mechanika colors by nahp75
Stephan used his unique style and talent to make this one look great. Adding the BG elements and Logo really set this apart.
A years DA membership or DA points matching the same amount.

3rd place:
Lady Mechanika Colors by roncolors
Ron made a very cool color and the lighting element looks pretty sweet.
A years DA membership or DA points matching the same amount.

This was a great contest and was great to see all the colored entries! I really wish I could give everyone a prize. Thank you all very much for participating and I will most likely make another giveaway this Christmas :)

See all the color entries in my previous journal
Color Conest 2015A huge heartfelt thanks to all of you that participated in my latest Birthday Color Contest :D
I love to see colors to finish my inks and every year I like to give something back as a way of showing my appreciation. This year was a Steampunk theme and I chose the great lines of Lady Mechanika made by DerekRodenbeck 
The following list are the colored entries in no particular order:
citybuilder     MarcBourcier  royhobbitz

nahp75   MattJamesComicArts Jessica-Prando 
carol-colors  Edjnr            Destinyfall 
Lady Mechanika Birthday color Content 2015 by Destinyfall
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A huge heartfelt thanks to all of you that participated in my latest Birthday Color Contest :D
I love to see colors to finish my inks and every year I like to give something back as a way of showing my appreciation. This year was a Steampunk theme and I chose the great lines of Lady Mechanika made by DerekRodenbeck 
Commission: Lady Mechanika by DerekRodenbeck  Lady Mechanika Ink by devgear
The following list are the colored entries in no particular order:

citybuilder     MarcBourcier  royhobbitz
Lady Mechanika Ink By Devgear-d8hwxbc by citybuilder Lady Mechanika by MarcBourcier Lady_mechanika color by royhobbitz

nahp75   SnakebitArtStudio Jessica-Prando 
Lady Mechanika colors by nahp75  Lady Mechanika by SnakebitArtStudio   Lady Mechanika Ink By Devgear by Jessica-Prando
carol-colors  Edjnr            Destinyfall 
Lady Mechanika ink by Devgear (COLORS) by carol-colors Lady Mechanika - color by Edjnr Lady Mechanika Birthday color Content 2015 by Destinyfall
Blackmoonrose13 626Ghost Kristherion
Lady Mechanika by Blackmoonrose13 Lady Mechanika by 626Ghost Lady Mechanika By Derek and Devgear by Kristherion
Lady Mechanika Colors by roncolors
If I have missed any entries, please note me asap.
Many thanks again for all the great entries and the colors made :D I will chat with SeanE, our very special guest judge for this contest, and will post the winners in the following categories:

-First prize is having the original inked page mailed to you. Along with that, I will make a limited edition fine art print of the final colors. Will sign and number a few and send those along as well :)
-Second Prize is a full year membership here on DA or DA points of the equivalent.
-Third Prize is a full year membership here on DA or DA points of the equivalent.

Once I have the final results I will post a journal and note the winners.
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Hey there! Ok, thanks for all the great entries! I will get all the entries compiled and make sure Sean has a chance to go through them. I will post a journal shortly with all the entries for the contest listed to ensure I haven't missed anyone.
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***Few days left***
Thanks so much for the response and entries so far! Just a quick reminder the deadline will be this  coming Sunday night....Monday morn if need be ;) I know time zones vary across the globe.
Cheers :)

Hey guys! I'm a day birthday was yesterday, lol. But here are the details to this years color contest!

I'm looking to get my latest ink of Lady Mechanika colored. I love Lady M and hope you guys are fans as well:)
What I am offering in return is the original page mailed to you along with a fine art print of your colors!

In the previous years I have done a random draw because I really appreciate all the colors made over my inks, and wish I could give everyone something.
I still feel the same, but this year I have asked Sean Ellery SeanE to be my special guest judge to help me choose the best color. The main reason is because I do want to make a nice print of this.
DerekRodenbeck made the very sexy and beautiful lineart for this one. I came into contact with him as he has worked with Zenescope in the past.
So pick up the hi-res ink here
Lady Mechanika Ink by devgear

First prize gets the original inks mailed to them at no charge anywhere in the world. Also a few signed prints of their color work.
Lady Mechanika scanresize by devgear
I will also offer up a full years membership here on DA, or the equivalent in DA points, to the 2nd and 3rd places.

The contest start today, Feb. 14 :heart: and final submissions uploaded by March 1
Just upload your colored work in your gallery and credit the artists involved. You can note me as well...
Depending on Sean's schedule, I am hoping to have the winning results within a week or two after the contest close. I will announce the final results in a journal here.

So that's it! Many thanks in advance for participating and note me regarding any questions you might have.
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Hello friends! Well, as the title states....heading to Vegas in a few hours and should be there after the weekend :) My first time....I've seen too many am kinda nervous and excited, lol. I'll be gone till next weekend and will hopefully arrive home safely. My wife and kids will be with me, so shouldn't get into too much trouble ;) If I have any watchers that live in the area....let me know and we can meet up for drinks and slots! I'm pretty sure a friend of mine here on DA since I've joined, JamesLeeStone  lives there....not sure of anyone else.
Wish me luck as I hit sin city for all it's worth!

Since I wont be on here and uploading stuff I will leave you this.....
Just saw these in the Diamonds Preview. GFT Presents: Dark Shaman #1
Alternate covers - Beautiful pencils by Qualano with my inks And fanastic colours by Ylenia Di Napoli
Hope you like them!
Cover C and Cover D The retailer's incentive cover :)                                
RB757i0-darkshaman1c by devgear  YQoZEHB-darkshaman1d by devgear

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Hey guys! Just an update regarding my time on here and inking in general....we just recently moved into our new house a few weeks ago. I just got my inking table and stuff set's been literally more than a month since I've even thought about inking. Crazy! And most all I have inked up to that has been cover art for Zenescope...nothing for myself or the long overdue commission work. It even got to the point that I had to turn down Zenescope due to the packing and the move...that really sucked! 
Here's to hoping I can get back to working on things a bit more consistently and posting more inks as a hi-res for colorists here. Until then, I hope you all will be liking the cover inks I will continue to share here.
GFTP: Clash of Queens #4 and GFTP: Wonderland Asylum #5 will be out next wednesday. Cover art by Pasquale and Mike Lilly with inks by me.
You can keep up with Zenescope titles on their blog page here

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Today was probably one of the coolest days I have had for some time. Went to the Calgary Comic Expo for the first time! What a line up of awesome talent and creators. Got to meet some very cool people....most notably one of the biggest Legends and my personal fave....J Scott Campbell! Amazingly awesome. Check out some of the great photos and signings below.

JSC Collage by devgear
 J-Scott-Campbell was very cool enough to check out my latest inking over his sweet lines of the Black Cat lineart he made. I didn't have time to finish it, but will do so. So happy he signed it for me :) Gave me some excellent advice and crits on some of my other work. Also picked up a few prints.


Ebas collage by devgear
ebas Eric was super cool to also give me some great advice on my inking. I made up a mini 3 print set of The Darkness lineart I inked and was coloured by SeanE 
He also signed the inked pages and another colour print sent to me by Sean. A very awesome experience meeting another legend in the biz!

Terry Dodson:

Dodson Collage by devgear
TerryDodson was such a pleasure to chat with and also had a peek at some of my inking I brought down to the show. I can never even come close to the amazing talent Rachel brings to his art, but was happy that he signed the X-Men ink that I did over his lineart. I also picked up this original page by him and Rachel. Another awesome highlight for me :)

Paolo Pantalena:

Pant Collage by devgear
pant was super busy working on commissions, but took the time to check out a very early ink (2010) that I did over his Catwoman lineart. I have to admitt it's not some of my prettiest inking, but such an honor to have him sign it. Also grabbed the coloured print to match! The cool thing is that he knew who I was, lol...thanks to Giuseppe-Cafaro :D Thank you!

Gibson Quarter
Gibson  Collage by devgear
GibsonQuarter27  was a blast to hang out with! I caught him having lunch, but he didn't mind talking about art! He had sent me this lineart of Deadpool at my request quite awhile a year and a half ago! I had him sign it and do plan on finishing this soon:) It was a pleasure to meet him!

Zenescope specials and other books:

Comic Collage by devgear
Had a chance to hit the Zenescope Entertainment booth and meet Pat Shand as well as Robyn Hood artist, Larry Watts! That was a great time! Spent almost an hour talking and discussing my future at Zenescope...hoping for some cool stuff to happen :)
Picked up the very cool 4 cover cover set that went across a few titles. Very rare and hard to find... The cover art was by ebas, and had him sign them as well!
Got some of the Con promos and a couple other books with art by Dawn-McTeigue, jamietyndall and SquirrelShaver 

Collette Turner:

Shi by devgear
ColletteTurner was a true gem in the artists alley. I was completely floored when I saw her original art at her booth. I love Shi and found this sketch card she had made! Look for big things to come from her...that's my prediction!

I also picked up an original page by Marc Silvestri, and an original Mark Mckenna page, as well as numerous other prints....I had to stop myself...I was way over budget, lol!
It was a very long, but rewarding day. 

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I have made the selections for the winning colorists! Now remember, I made a random drawing for these....pulled names out of a hat. The premise of this contest was not winning based on skill level, although, producing your best work is expected being that it is on display here. I wanted to give something back to the artists that choose to color my inks. I do appreciate it :)
A huge thanks again for all entrants for taking the time to participate....I wish I could give something to each one, but I do have to choose only three...and those three are as follows:

-Original inked page (over blue lines) goes to vic55b I will ship this item out to him.

-The 2 deviants that were drawn for the year membership here on DA are Blackmoonrose13 and SnakebitArtStudio  They can opt out of the membership for a choice of signed print

ECEE Art Prints by devgear

 and a signed copy of one of the books I inked for Zenescope (cover inks) Shipped to them.

934605 by devgear  1511252 10152129016654532 592029892 N by devgear

I want to extend my thanks to guest judge SeanE for lending his thoughts and advice to the colorists. Getting direction from someone with talent is a huge learning tool! Trust me. 
So there you have it! Any feedback and ideas for future contests post Bday is coming up next month..... ;)
Cheers :D

***Contest is now closed!***
Hey guys, thanks to everyone that participated in this years Christmas colors! 11 entries in total :D Again, if I have have missed someone, please let me know asap, as I will be making the selections in the next couple days (random drawing) and posting the results in a journal here. I will also note the three winning entries in regards to their prize.
Recap of available prizes....
1 prize -Original ink of the Lara Croft page I made over Eric's lines. (inked over blue-lines) There is only one, sorry! 
2 prizes - A 12 month subscription here on DA.

**Updated contest entries**
You will see the very awesome colors below :)

Hey guys! Every year I have been sharing a bit of Christmas cheer here on DA. I'm very thankful for the opportunities I have had collaborating with fellow artists here. 
So, as a way I like to say thanks to the colorists that practice on my ink work, I like to give something back!
This year I am looking for colors on my latest upload of Tomb Raider by the very awesome Eric Basaldua...
Of all the colors made on this one I will select three of them and offer the original inked page shipped to you, or a choice of a 12 month premium subscription here on DA. All drawing will be random.
- Deadline for colors to be submitted is December 31
- You must be watching me :)
Just post your finished color with links and credit to the artists.
Any questions, just post below!
Thanks to everyone who had a chance to participate in this years Christmas colors! Some very outstanding work :D
I will extend the close until tomorrow night (Jan. 1) Just because it's New Years Day.
If I have missed any submitted colors on this piece, please note me asap so that I can get it in! These are the colors so far...I posted them here in the order they were uploaded.

**Colors submitted***
richmbailey ............ carol-colors ........... SnakebitArtStudio
Tomb Raider Cleavage by richmbailey........ Tomb Raider by Ebas - inks by devgear _COLORS_ by carol-colors........  Tomb Raider by SnakebitArtStudio

Javilaparra ..........  nahp75 ................  vic55b
Tomb Raider Color by Javilaparra.......  Tomb Raider (photo souvenir) Colors by nahp75....... Tomb Raider Inks Devgear colors Vic55bnomud by vic55b

BDStevens ................Kristherion ......... Elvenwyn
Tomb Raider Colors by BDStevens ........ Tomb Raider by  Ebas and Devgear by Kristherion.......  Tomb Raider by Elvenwyn

Tomb Raider-coloured by intheswamp ........  Tomb Raider by Blackmoonrose13
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Hey again! 
Well, stopped in at my local comic shop and went through the Previews book. It basically is the ordering catalog for all comic retailers. I think the last time I bought one was back in '94 when it had some awesome preview pin-ups of Gen-X.. oops! They had to change the name due to copyright issues... changed to Gen13! By the super talented Jeffery Scott! That's how he signed it back in the day!

 Anyways...getting off topic! I found the Zenescope section and what did I see....? Oh yes my friends! 3 more covers I inked coming out in January. I scanned the sections with the info on the books here:

1- Code Red issue #2: Cover A with art by Giuseppe Cafaro (I absolutely love this cover!)
2- GFTP Wonderland: Asylum #1: Cover C with art by Giuseppe again
3- B.A.R. Maid issue #2: Cover B with art by Pasquale Qualano
I added the Inks: Devgear in PS...was not part of the publication, lol ;)
My previous journal listed the first 2 books coming out, Quest and a Wonderland cover. So be sure to look for them:) 
I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to have some published work! Very cool and exciting indeed:D Also very humbling to see the amazing talent working on the books as well. I honestly am nothing without the great artist I have had the chance to work with. For all that have followed my inking journey since I joined DA, I hope you will share a drink with me tonight. Cheers!

I added the 3 new covers over on my CAF account…
Hi guys! Am up late again...we get an extra hour tonight ;)
Was browsing the net and one place I frequent is CAF. So got inspired to set up an account over there! Just uploading some original inks I made plus I added a gallery that will feature the Zenescope covers I have done. The first cover coming up, is out next month... GFT presents: Quest #1 It's an alternate cover by Giuseppe. zenescopeentertainment.wikia.c…;
The other is due out Jan... Mike Lilly art on a Wonderland cover. zenescopeentertainment.wikia.c…
 Also a Code Red cover in Jan, but didn't see it in the Zenescope wikia yet.
Anyways...feel free to check it out at…
Hi guys! Well, just one more sleep and the event is here! My very first Comic Con. I'm pretty excited and have been looking forward to this weekend for quite awhile...I'm so looking forward to meeting fellow artists and making new contacts.
My biggest project over the past few months has been organizing and getting various prints ready for the Con. I chose pieces from my personal collection and commissioned a couple artists to make something special.
Here are the 5 prints I will have available:
No special order, just how PS loaded them:
1 -Valkyrie- My best friend here is a brilliant blacksmith and armor maker..he crafted a Valkyrie costume for his daughter, Beth. I asked Jimbo Jimbo02Salgado to draw the lines and had colors added by Timaree TimareeZadel Turned out quite spectacular and I added a photo print to go along with it. Beth will be cosplaying at the Con, so added bonus with the prints:D
2 -Thundercats- San StevenSanchez made the original lines for his take on the Thundercats future. I own the original and made some of my cleanest inks on this one:) Stephan nahp75 was more than willing to lend his color skills for this print. Another one of my faves.
3 -Shi- Carlos CarlosGomez made this great Shi commish for me. I have loved Shi since her first appearance way back in the day. I chose this one for a print mainly because Doug BDStevens totally made my simple inks into a killer piece of art! Seriously cool.
4 -Power Girl- Another one of my fave women! I have inked a few PG lines and decided to ask Giuseppe Giuseppe-Cafaro to draw this one. Peppe has become a very familiar artist in my inks...and probably because I have been practicing on his lines for the past couple years, was asked by Zenescope to ink his cover work! More coolnes:) I chose Sean SeanEllery without any hesitation for this print because of our many team ups in the past over Peppe's art. I love all my prints, but have to admit, this is my fave one.
5 -Poison Ivy- This was the team up that started it all! Lea mumitrold made the very beautiful lines and was looking for someone to ink it. We are pretty close on DA here, so decided to make this a print, and Stacy TracyWong had already been prepared to color it. She definitely rocked it....the leaves almost broke my hand tho;)

I had the local London Drugs photo lab make up the prints for me, and they are 12X18 very high quality archival prints. The manager worked with me on creating a very reasonable price per print and is willing to do the same for other artists that choose his shop!

I know most of you are too far away to attend the Con, but if you would like a print, please note me and I will set up the delivery for you. Price per print for my DA friends *only* is $15+shipping, plus I may throw in special surprise;)
So, wish me luck and I do hope to have a fantastic weekend:D

Zenescope Inks

Wed Jul 24, 2013, 12:12 AM
Hi guys! Well, just wanted to share some very exciting news...I inked a cover for Zenescope Entertainment! 
The art director, Anthony Spays, had contacted me thru my FB page (which you all can find and like to follow me here ) awhile back and I did a test for him. So just last week I got my first cover work. Nice:D The project is called Quest. Art is done by none other than my very good friend Giuseppe Cafaro :icongiuseppe-cafaro: with colors added by Ruben Curto :iconggstudio:
I've done some Indie work in the past, but this is my first mainstream inking project so am pretty stoked about it. 
Anyways, no worries, I will stay humble and will keep getting inks up for colorists here;)

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Devgear on Facebook

Fri May 24, 2013, 12:29 AM
well....I've recently discovered the coolness of connecting with so many artist I know here plus many others over on my FB page. I have been posting and linking much art on my personal page and it's becoming rather distracting for I decided to create my devgear page there! Head over and like it and follow for updates and links regarding my inking activities... Please like me:D
I'll be posting more WIP and events  there, more than here I'm thinking.

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Comic con!

Wed Apr 17, 2013, 10:16 PM
Hi guys! Well....had no chance of even attending the Calgary Comic Con this year...I expected that given the drama of trying to get in last year. But some cool news is that I will have a table at this years Edmonton Comic Con! Ok, so it's like 5 months away still, but was the first one registered! Seriously, I was watching and waiting for the registration link to be put up last Saturday night, lol... Anyways, all that means is I will have some time to put together a kick ass table! I'm collabing with fellow artists on DA here to get some cool prints up, so keep watching for that. Also I love promoting my fellow artist friends as well, so that's also the inspiration, so feel free to hit me up with some cool ideas you may have and future collabs, k! And to all my fellow DA members here in the Edmonton area, I look forward to meeting more of you too:D I did meet quite a few at last years Con and it was a very awesome time! So until then....


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Bday Gifts

Fri Feb 22, 2013, 7:59 AM
Hi guys! I meant to update this a few days ago....I have the winners of my Bday coloring contest selected. Thanks to everyone for the warm wishes and colors:D

:iconnahp75: Stephan made two colors on Giuseppe-Cafaro's lines i inked... Wow, thanks very much:)
Magdalena Colors by nahp75 Kiani Colors by nahp75
He chose the Magdalena inks as his gift in return.

:iconlikwidlead: Jay made some very cool colors over RandyGreen's Polaris
Polaris Colors by likwidlead
I'll be sending him the original inks of this one!

:iconelvenwyn:  Eva made some sexy colors over another pencil I inked of RandyGreen's
Aspen by Elvenwyn
I'll be sending her the original inks for this one:)

Thanks again for the amazing colors! I love to see them:D

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Happy birthday to me again!

Tue Feb 12, 2013, 1:27 AM
It's my birthday today:)  Woohoo! Getting old tho;)
Every year I like to give on my birthday....I also like to receive:D  So for this week I will be giving away memberships or choice of an inked page shipped to 3 deviants here. Just make some cool colors over my inks. I'll make the draw this coming weekend. Just be sure to message or note me with your colored work. Have fun and lets party!
I'll make it a full week to give a bit more next Tuesday eve.  Thanks everyone for the warm wishes! It means so much to me:)

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New Ink Video

Thu Jan 31, 2013, 4:32 PM
Hello there! I just wanted to let you know I have posted a new video of my inking on can be seen here...…
Its a short clip I shot with my GoPro inking the latest lines by :iconkeucha:
Tyra and Boor by keucha

It's in full HD if your connection is fast enough:) Just experimenting with it and hope to make a better quality and style in the future. Tough holding a camera in one hand and moving pen and paper in the other. Let me know what you think and post some ideas and advice of what you would like to see.
I'm not an inking;)

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